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Luxury consignment, no longer reserved for just the rich and powerful, has become increasingly popular among bag lovers. As simple as dropping a photo of the consigned item to get an appraisal appointment with a trusted reseller, no longer do we have to jump through incredulous hoops to find our beloved pre-owned Birkin and Hermès bags new homes.

Yet if you find yourself wanting more information, read on to find out all about the gorgeous hardware from high-fashion designer label Hermès.

Gold & Palladium Hardwares

Let’s clarify – when we say hardware, we’re referring to the metal components of the bag. From zips to clasps to keys and locks, anything metallic in nature on an Hermès bag would constitute hardware.

Most Hermès bags come with either Gold-plated or Palladium-plated hardware.  The former is usually plated in 18-karat gold, with some 24-karat gold used for rare styles. Gold hardware is visually bright and shiny, giving such bags a strong accent against classic neutral colours. The latter possesses more of a silvery finish, classified under part of the Platinum group of metals. Against bright and vibrant colours, Palladium hardware brings a more muted and subtle accent.

Apart from the Gold and Palladium-plated finishes, Hermès also offers brushed Gold and Palladium hardware finishes. The supply of these varies across seasons, making them highly sought-after and extremely valuable. Compared to their plated counterparts, brushed hardware has a more delicate matte finish, which is less striking. However, be warned that brushed hardware scratches more easily and thus requires more attention and care when used.

Rare Hermès Hardwares

Outside of your regular Gold and Palladium, there are rare variations of hardware that Hermès produces irregularly. For example, Permabrass presents a colour tone that is a cross between Gold and Palladium, making it more versatile for every occasion.

In recent years, Rose Gold hardware has also seen a return to fashion, although usually limited to specific Hermès lines, such as the Constance and Bearn series.

Another extremely coveted variation on Hermès hardware comes in the form of Ruthenium, most evident in the So Black Collection. Jean Paul Gaultier designed this striking and contrasting black hardware in 2010 with the help of PVD coating metals that belong to the platinum group (much like Palladium). Last but not least, the pinnacle of opulence is Hermès’ Diamond Encrusted Hardware, an exclusive combination of encrusted diamonds on white gold.

Birkin and Kelly Lock and Keys

Two specific lines in the French high fashion brand stand out – The Birkin and the Kelly. Named after starlets Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly, these trendy bags are often spotted on the arms of high society. Almost impossible to purchase on your first visit to an Hermès outlet, the waitlist of these bags can go up to six years.

One of the signature pieces of hardware on these bags is the lock and keys. Serving multiple functions, these accessories are intricately designed and help distinguish genuine Birkins and Kellys from counterfeits. Before 2000, the locks on these bags did not feature any serial numbers. Instead, they only bore the Hermès stamp and a single number that corresponded to the keys attached. However, since then, Hermès introduced a new “serial number” feature for the lock and keys, allowing buyers to ensure authenticity.

Trusted Hermès Reseller in Singapore

If you’re looking to buy a secondhand Hermès bag, or just looking for a trusted luxury consignment agency in Singapore, look no further than LUX.R. We strive to ensure the authenticity of all our goods, and in just three simple steps, you can quickly get an appraisal before consigning your luxury goods with us.

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