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Singapore’s Preferred Hermès Kelly Reseller

Embark on a seamless journey with LUX.R, your trusted partner in the Hermès Kelly resale market. Our unparalleled expertise and unwavering discretion are what make us stand out in Singapore’s luxury consignment landscape, ensuring your cherished Hermès bags find new, suitable homes while delivering on their esteemed value.

Purchased Prices of Our Hermès Kelly Bags 

Our handcrafted approach to valuations ensures that your bag is not just sold but celebrated and cherished, just as it deserves. Let’s delve into a few success stories of esteemed Hermès Kelly bags that have transitioned to new homes through us:

  • Bag A: Hermès Kelly 32 in Étoupe Togo leather, Square R (2014) Stamp with Gold hardware was resold for $11,300.
  • Bag B: Hermès Kelly 35 in Noir Togo leather, Square L (2008) Stamp with Gold hardware was procured at $9,860.
  • Bag C: Hermès Kelly 28 in Gold Epsom leather, Square Q (2013) Stamp with Gold hardware secured a transaction at $16,000.

Each transaction is a testament to the lucrative opportunities presented to our sellers, with every Hermès Kelly bag realising its optimal market value in Singapore. While the mentioned prices are shaped by various facets — such as condition, rarity, colour, and market appetite — they reflect our commitment to securing rewarding prices for each unique piece entrusted to us.

How to Sell Hermès Kelly Bags with LUX.R

Choose a selling experience that respects both your time and your investment; here’s how to get started selling with LUX.R:

1. Begin with an In-depth Evaluation

Start by conducting a thorough examination of your Hermès Kelly, being mindful of its model, colour, and any potential wear or tear, to ensure a smooth appraisal process with our experts.

2. High-quality Photography Matters

Ensure that the images you capture of your Hermès Kelly accurately represent its current state. Focus on all elements: interior, exterior, handles, and straps to provide a comprehensive view.

3. Remember All Accessories

Including all original accessories can enhance the value of your piece. Though, rest assured, each piece is evaluated on its individual merit, ensuring potential for a fair appraisal even in the absence of some accessories.

Why Sell Your Hermès Kelly with LUX.R?

In the secondhand designer market, LUX.R has been synonymous with transparency, customer satisfaction, and industry knowledge in the realm of luxury bag resales. Though we are not affiliated with Hermès, our commitment to providing a secure, straightforward, and rewarding selling experience has been recognised and appreciated by our clientele across Singapore and beyond.

Get the Best Prices for Your Hermès Kelly Bags

Partnering with LUX.R means activating a rewarding resale experience. Your Hermès Kelly is showcased in the optimal light, ensuring it reflects its genuine worth and facilitates good returns when sold in Singapore’s resale market.

Connect with us via Whatsapp at +65 8028 3911 and commence your premium resale experience today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Hermès Kelly Bags in Singapore

How long does the consignment process typically take?

At LUX.R, we prioritise a blend of efficiency and thoroughness. Typically, the consignment process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specific condition and attributes of your Hermès Kelly bag. Your patience allows us to ensure your luxury item gets the meticulous attention it warrants in the Singapore resale market.

Are there any fees associated with selling my Hermès Kellybag?

At LUX.R, our focus remains on providing superior services and transparent pricing within the Singapore consignment market, particularly the sale of Hermès Kelly bag. As a trusted Hermès Kelly bag reseller, we implement a clear fee structure: a fixed 5% fee is applied upon successful sale of all Hermès Kelly bags.

How do I get paid once my bag is sold?

Once your Hermès Kelly bag is sold, LUX.R ensures a smooth and secure payment process. Payments are typically processed via bank transfer or cheque, based on your preference. The timeline and any relevant details for payment post-sale will be communicated clearly to provide you with peace of mind and transparency.

Can I get my bag back if it doesn't sell?

Certainly. If your Hermès Kelly does not sell within three months, you reserve the right to reclaim your item. At LUX.R, our dedication extends to respecting your ownership and choices throughout the entire consignment process.

How do you determine the selling price of a consigned bag?

Price determination for Hermès Kelly bags involves a detailed analysis, where we meticulously evaluate its condition, rarity, colour, and adherence to current market trends in Singapore. Our pricing strategy aims to harmonise fetching a premium price while also being competitively positioned in the resale market.

Read about the top four factors affecting an Hermès Bag’s resale price.

What condition should my Hermès Kelly bag be in for consignment?

We accept Hermès Kelly bags in various conditions, though those in excellent or very good condition tend to resonate well with our clientele. An item’s wear, colour, material, and overall maintenance play pivotal roles in determining its consignment viability and price.

What if I don't have all the original accessories for my bag?

While having all original accessories can enhance the value of your Hermès Kelly, LUX.R evaluates every bag on its merit, ensuring potential for fair appraisals even without the full accessory set. Detailed information and high-quality imagery help facilitate an optimal resale scenario in such instances.

How do you handle counterfeit items?

LUX.R maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeits. Every item is rigorously authenticated through a meticulous process overseen by our experts. Any items suspected to be counterfeit are not accepted for consignment, fortifying our commitment to authenticity and integrity.

How do you ensure the privacy of sellers?

Your privacy is paramount to us at LUX.R. Our processes are sculpted to safeguard your personal and transactional details with utmost discretion. From initial communication to the final sale, each step is handled with absolute confidentiality, securing your details and the transaction from public view.

How do I care for my Hermès Kelly bag before consigning?

Ensure your Hermès Kelly bag is stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Using the dust bag for protection and stuffing it with acid-free paper helps retain its shape. Regular gentle cleaning, avoiding excessive rubbing, and safeguarding against sharp objects or substances that may stain, collectively contribute to maintaining its allure.

Read more about how to care for luxury bags.

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