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Your Trusted Hermès Reseller in Singapore

Unlock new possibilities for your treasured Hermès bags with LUX.R, your trusted partner in luxury consignment. Offering impeccable, personalised services — and leveraging our notable reputation as a distinguished Hermès reseller — we ensure that your pristine artefacts find their perfect new home while you enjoy a hassle-free selling experience.

Prices of Our Hermès Bags 

Immerse yourself in the advantageous journey of luxury, where we steadfastly uphold the intrinsic value of every Hermès piece. Our committed team employs a sophisticated pricing strategy, reflecting prevailing market conditions and individual characteristics of each bag — to offer you a fair and lucrative selling experience. A timeless Birkin 25 was sold at an elegant sum of S$32,000, whereas a playful Hermès Kelly Mini fetched a lustrous S$33,000 by LUX.R. While we hold other figures in confidentiality for our sellers’ privacy, rest assured that each Hermès is accorded its deserved premium. Explore a path of transparent, rewarding luxury consignment with LUX.R, committed to ensuring your esteemed Hermès bags find new havens while bringing you unparalleled value.

How to Sell Hermès Bags with LUX.R

Embark on a seamless selling journey with LUX.R, ensuring that every Hermès bag is treated with fairness:

1. Inspecting Your Hermès Bag

Begin with a meticulous inspection, discerning the model, colour, and any nuanced condition issues (such as scuffs or marks) that your Hermès bag may reveal.

2. Crafting Clear Photography

Capture the essence of your bag with high-resolution images, highlighting the exterior, interior, handles, and straps, thereby depicting a holistic view.

3. Accentuating with Accessories

Ensure the maximisation of value by providing all accompanying accessories, like the dust bag, authenticity card, original box, and receipt. Nonetheless, our experts evaluate every piece distinctly, ensuring potential for an appraisal even in the absence of a complete set.

Sell with Us Today

Embark on a journey where sophistication meets simplicity with LUX.R, your reputable Hermès reseller in Singapore. We intertwine twenty years of luxury market mastery with an earnest understanding of each Hermès piece’s intrinsic value, offering you an experience that is both lucrative and respectful. Your exquisite Hermès deserves a new home that honours its legacy. Engage with us on Whatsapp at +65 8028 3911 to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hermès Reselling

What models of Hermès bags do you accept?

LUX.R prides itself on accepting a myriad of models from Hermès, spanning the universally adored Birkin and Kelly, to other eclectic and limited-edition pieces that epitomise the brand’s luxurious diversity.

How long does the consignment process typically take?

The duration of the consignment process with LUX.R can vary based on several factors, including the model, condition, and market demand for your Hermès bag. Our dedicated team ensures swift and strategic placements to facilitate a timely transaction.

Are there any fees associated with selling my Hermès bag?

At LUX.R, transparency is key in our role as your trusted Hermès reseller in Singapore. Our fee structure is straightforward: for Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, we apply a fixed 5% fee upon sale. For other designer brands, luxury items like wallets, jewelry, and accessories, a flat 10% fee is charged upon successful sale.

How do I get paid once my bag is sold?

Upon the successful resale of your Hermès bag, LUX.R ensures that your remuneration is processed swiftly and efficiently. Payment will be made via a method that aligns with your convenience, be it through direct bank transfer, cheque, or another agreed-upon method, ensuring that the transition from sale to payment is seamless and satisfactory.

Can I get my bag back if it doesn't sell?

Absolutely. Respecting our role as your committed Hermès reseller, LUX.R firmly believes in your autonomy over your possessions at all phases of the consignment process. Should your bag not sell within a three-month period, you are fully entitled to have it returned to you, embodying our belief in a risk-free and client-centric consignment experience.

How do you determine the selling price of a consigned bag?

Our pricing strategy seamlessly melds market trends with the inherent value of your Hermès piece. Each bag undergoes a meticulous appraisal, where its model, condition, rarity, and current market demand are assessed. With a reputation for fairness and expertise, we as resellers will ensure that your item is priced to reflect its true worth in the prevailing market. Read about the top four factors affecting an Hermès Bag’s resale price.

What condition should my Hermès bag be in for consignment?

LUX.R accepts bags in various conditions, recognising the intrinsic value in every piece. From pristine to gently used, we welcome a spectrum of Hermès items, ensuring that each is thoroughly evaluated, and that its worth is adequately reflected in its selling price.

What if I don't have all the original accessories for my bag?

Though original accessories enhance the value of your Hermès, LUX.R appreciates every piece’s individual merit. If certain accessories are absent, it doesn’t preclude the possibility of a successful resale. Our team in Singapore crafts a selling narrative that accentuates the standalone beauty and craftsmanship of your bag, navigating a path to attract discerning buyers.

How do you handle counterfeit items?

Integrity is paramount at LUX.R. Our skilled authentication team meticulously examines every Hermès piece, ensuring only authentic items are presented to our clientele. Counterfeit items are strictly not accepted or entertained, maintaining our market position as a reputable reseller that guarantees authenticity in every transaction and interaction.

How do you ensure the privacy of sellers?

Ensuring your privacy is safeguarded throughout the consignment process is pivotal for us. LUX.R commits to stringent data protection protocols and confidentiality practices, ensuring that your details and the transaction remain discreet and secured.

How do I care for my Hermès bag before consigning?

To preserve your Hermès bag’s opulence and maximise its resale value, ensure it is stored away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. Utilise the dust bag for protection and stuff the bag to maintain its shape. Routine gentle cleaning with products suited for luxury items will also enhance its appeal and longevity in preparation for consignment. Read more about how to care for luxury bags.

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