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The fashion industry has long been associated with a number of sustainability issues, from the use of harmful chemicals and dyes to the massive amounts of water and energy required to produce new clothing. Fast fashion, in particular, has come under constant fire over the recent years for its undeniable role in contributing to pollution and waste, as well as its exploitative labour practices in certain cases.

However, there is one type of fashion that is often overlooked when it comes to sustainability: luxury consignment; in other words, the buying and reselling of pre-owned luxury bags and other designer items in and beyond Singapore.

Luxury Consignment Extends Item Lifespan

It is no secret that the luxury fashion industry is built on the notion of exclusivity and rarity. However, what many in Singapore do not realise is that this also entails that the materials used in luxury bags and other designer items are often of premium-grade and durable quality. After all, branded bags are meant to last longer.

A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States found that the average lifespan of a piece of clothing is just 2.2 years — but this number jumps up to 7-10 years for higher-end garments. This means that consigning your pre-owned branded goods in Singapore instead of throwing them away when you no longer have a liking for them can have a more-than-significant impact on reducing textile waste. By facilitating both purchase and resale of used designer bags and other pre-owned branded goods, online luxury consignment stores such as LUX.R can effectively extend the lifespan of pre-loved items, thereby reducing unwarranted wastage.

Luxury Consignment Facilitates a Circular Economy

Along a similar vein, luxury consignment also directly leads to the establishment of a circular economy for pre-owned branded bags and used luxury goods in Singapore — items are bought, sold, traded, and consigned on an ongoing basis. This is in stark contrast to the linear economy that underpins fast fashion, where new items are produced en masse and disposed of constantly with seemingly little regard for the environment.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines a circular economy as “an industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design.” In other words, it is an economic model in which waste and pollution are minimised through continual reuse and recycling of resources. The goal of a circular economy is to keep materials and products in use for as long as possible while maximising their value, which is exactly what luxury consignment provides for. This helps reduce textile waste and pollution while promoting sustainability — all without compromising on style.

Luxury Consignment Disrupts the Cycle of Fast Fashion

Finally, luxury consignment also breaks the cycle of fast fashion, which is characterised by short-lived trends and quick turnover rates. The speed at which new collections are churned out by fast fashion brands encourages consumers to not only purchase more items, but also inevitably connotes that they dispose of previous purchases quickly, without giving much thought to their impact on the environment.

In contrast, online luxury consignment stores like LUX.R stock a wide range of  pre-owned designer bags and other branded goods that never go out of style. This helps reduce waste while promoting sustainable fashion habits and a more affordable way for consumers to keep up with the latest trends. Rather than buying new items every season, you can simply buy, sell, or trade pre-owned luxury bags and other branded goods in Singapore to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Shop LUX.R for Sustainable Luxury Consignment

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