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Over recent years, Hermès bags have been picking up in popularity amongst male shoppers. Luxury resale sites across the world have reported great increases in interest from men, particularly for the Birkin 45 and the Birkin 50. It is also estimated that the growth in sales of Hermès bags has outpaced that of Louis Vuitton and Gucci in men’s luxury bag markets, with similar patterns mirroring this trend in the second-hand luxury and consignment sectors, too. 

In short, it is undeniably evident that both new and pre-loved Hermès bags are now highly coveted by fashion-forward men all around the world. The only question is: why? With the Birkin and most other Hermès bags first being created as women’s handbags, why have they been attracting more and more male consumers over the years?

At LUX.R, we commit ourselves to unparalleled luxury in everything we do — whether it’s finding the right homes for pre-owned branded bags in Singapore, or bringing unparalleled luxury through our consignment bags and more. We are also devoted to answering any questions you may have; the query of why Hermès Bags are currently highly coveted by male buyers being no exception.

So, without further ado, here are the reasons why fashion-forward men are coveting Hermès Bags today:

The Shift to Androgynous Fashion

With the likes of Harry Styles, Ezra Miller, A$AP Rocky, and other famous faces indulging in androgynous dressing, it is no wonder that what was once considered a risk-taking look has since trickled down to the masses and establish itself as a fashion statement that is likely to stay.

The shift to androgynous fashion is a well-welcomed one in today’s society, with many agreeing that mixing feminine and masculine aesthetics exuberates confidence and sexiness. This extends beyond just clothing and hairstyles to shoes, accessories, and — you guessed it — bags.

Widespread acceptance and adoration of the androgynous style have pushed many luxury handbags into the spotlight on the male stage, with Hermès bags such as the Birkin and Kelly leading the charge from the forefront. Be it brand-new, pre-loved, or consigned, Hermès bags sell themselves with ease, and for good reason — with the shift to androgynous fashion being but the first.

Influence from Iconic Influencers

As previously hinted at, it doesn’t take a leap to say that the rampant uptake of Hermès bags among male shoppers can be attributed to their first being adopted by iconic male influencers. Aside from the names aforementioned, Hermès bags have also been popular with influencers such as Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Ye West (previously known as Kanye West), G-Dragon, Travis Scott, and Marc Jacobs, whom each eagerly carted boxy Birkins or Haut à Courroies from the Hermès brand.

And with such influential idols sporting a Hermès bag both on and off-stage, it’s no wonder that pre-owned branded bags and consignment Hermès bags in Singapore are in such high demand.

Rampant Flaunting on Social Media

The rise of social media spells many things, one of them being rampant flaunting of luxury bag collections — Hermès bags, especially. Social media has turned many men onto the idea that Hermès bags are worth coveting, with countless accounts solely dedicated to pictures of men posing with alluring Hermès bags. As the youth today put it, “the flex is real”, and the attention garnered by social media posts featuring men stylising their outfits with Hermès bags have convinced many others that such endeavours are more than fruitful.

Savvy Investments into Asset Collection

It is also no secret that Hermès bags in good condition easily retain their value in the resale market, with many even appreciating in value as years go by. Coveting a Hermès bag is not just a decision to make a fashion statement, but one that is financially sound and wise — something men can get into knowing they will not lose money at the end of the day. Second-hand luxury markets are filled with opportunities for decent returns, and pre-loved Birkins and other Hermès bags face no trouble whatsoever selling in Singapore when said sales are executed by an established, trusted brand.

All in all, Hermès bags are not just great statement pieces, they also make for good investments as an asset for collection.

Shop Hermès Bags at LUX.R

Each Hermès bag is an accumulation of innovative design and historical principles manifested by immaculate skills and techniques by the world’s best craftspersons. These luxury bags age like fine wine, at no expense of integrity or quality as time goes past.

Their timeless designs also make them excellent classics to sell or collect as pre-owned branded bags in Singapore through the consignment market. However, with the abundance of fakes and imitations out there, it can be difficult to do either without an expert hand helping out.

LUX.R brings the best of both worlds in this regard, bridging wanting owners with willing sellers of only the most luxurious of Hermès bags and more. Check out our luxury bags for sale online or head down to our physical store to view our collection in-person.

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