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As enjoyable as it is to walk into a branded boutique and purchase something brand new off the shelf, shopping secondhand has become a brilliant way for many to gain access to their favourite luxury brands at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re looking for something specific, a great bargain, or just want to do your part for the environment – here are some groups of people who would love to shop secondhand for luxury bags. Do you belong to any of them?

People Who Know What They Want

One of the massive perks of shopping on the secondhand market is the wide variety available. Unlike walking into a boutique and being offered a limited selection, the secondhand market is massive, and anyone looking for something specific should have no issues sounding it out. If you’re one of those individuals who have their eyes set on a particular colourway and design, chances are you should be able to source it on the secondhand market. The key here is to ensure that the seller checks out and possesses a trusted reputation.

An excellent place to start is often luxury consignment stores that take on commission-based sales for individuals looking to find their pre-loved designer bags a new home in Singapore. Another upside at shopping at luxury resellers is their network for customers looking for specific items. Chances are they have the resources required to help procure highly-coveted designs from their clientele network or industry contacts.

People Who Appreciate a Good Deal

If you love a great deal, shopping secondhand is the way to go. Although walking into a boutique and buying something brand new is an experience in and of itself, that usually costs a significant mark-up. Like the watch industry, pieces generally lose up to 25 per cent of the residual value once you leave the store; the same analogy applies to other luxury items.

In truth, the best approach would be to shop for a secondhand luxury bag that is in pristine, if not almost brand new, condition. Forego paying that premium and stick to the dollars and cents of it all. However, caveat emptor – some deals that appear too good should be reexamined and taken with a pinch of salt.

People Who Appreciate a Direct, Fuss-Free Process

For those of us who prefer a more direct approach and don’t have the patience to wait six years for your turn to buy a Birkin or Kelly, this is another reason to shop secondhand. Yes, you read that right, six years. Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags can’t be found and bought in boutiques, and they usually require years of spending history and relationship building with their salespersons in the hopes of being offered the chance to purchase one.

Luxury resellers in Singapore, such as LUX.R, provide a convenient and direct journey towards buying and selling bags, allowing you to skip the never-ending waiting lists. Buy what you want on your own terms, with unfiltered access and an infinite selection of designs.

People Who Want To Be More Environmentally-Conscious Shoppers

The final group of shoppers that should shop secondhand for luxury bags would be the environmentally conscious. The number of resources required in the logistics chain to produce and market these brand new designs often do more harm than good for the environment. Due to the process of obtaining leather for most of their bags, methane is usually a significant by-product of the demand for luxury leather bags. Basic economics tells us that as long as the desire for luxury leather bags like Hermès remains at current levels, suppliers have no reason to stop making more. The lower the demand for luxury bags, the lower the supply. Thus, shopping for pre-loved bags in Singapore directly reduces the amount of methane produced as a by-product.

Ultimately, when consumers shop secondhand with their wallets, they show high fashion designers that environmental sustainability is essential.

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