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Chanel is indisputably among the most iconic luxury brands globally, and its exquisite bags are highly coveted by discerning fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As an esteemed luxury consignment firm in Singapore, LUX.R Singapore is well-versed in Chanel’s extensive history. 

In this piece, we will delve into five of the most popular Chanel bags that have captured the hearts of fashion connoisseurs across the globe. These include the Chanel Boy, Chanel Double Flap, Chanel Mini Flap, Chanel Vanity, and Chanel Wallet On Chain.

1. Chanel Boy

Launched in 2011, the Chanel Boy is a luxurious rectangular bag that embodies the brand’s signature style. It features a chunky chain strap and is available in various sizes and colours. The Boy bag‘s design is a nod to Coco Chanel’s lover, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel, and his penchant for sporting dashingly handsome men’s clothing. This androgynous inspiration is evident in the bag’s design, which combines classic elegance with an edgier style. Fashion-forward women who appreciate versatility have thereafter made the Chanel Boy a must-have piece.

2. Chanel Classic Double Flap

The Chanel Classic Double Flap is a true icon that has remained one of the most coveted bags since its introduction in 1983. With a classic design featuring a double flap closure and a chain strap, the Double Flap embodies the brand’s signature elegance. Coco Chanel designed the Double Flap with functionality at top of mind, adding the second flap to provide extra storage space for the busy modern woman. Available in various sizes and materials, including lambskin, caviar leather, and patent leather, the Double Flap‘s timeless design and superior craftsmanship make it a sought-after piece that only grows in value as time passes.

3. Chanel Mini Flap

For those who prefer a smaller, more compact bag, the Chanel Mini Flap is an ideal choice. It is a smaller version of the Classic Flap bag, with the same timeless design featuring a double flap closure and chain strap. Also available in various colours and materials from Lambskin to Caviarleather, the Mini Flap may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to style. First introduced in 2010 as the “Chanel New Mini”, its size was deemed as revolutionary at the time. Today, the Mini Flap continues to be a favourite among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of compact design.

4. Chanel Vanity

The Chanel Vanity takes inspiration from vintage vanity cases, featuring a rectangular shape with a structured top handle. Its story also includes its naming inspiration, which pays homage to the brand’s founder and her insatiable love for travel. Coco Chanel was once known for always carrying a vanity case wherever her travels took her, and the Vanity bag is a nod to her love for practicality and luxury combined.

5. Chanel Wallet On Chain

The Chanel Wallet On Chain, or WOC, is an innovative bag that marries practicality with sophistication. It was first introduced in the 1980s as a response to the changing needs of women. At the time, more women were entering the workforce, and many sought after a bag that could reliably hold their essentials while still looking elegant. The WOC, with its sleek design and chain strap, proved to be the perfect solution and continues to be a popular choice for women who like to travel light with practicality and style.

Buy or Sell Second-Hand Chanel Bags in Singapore

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