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While a certain degree of wear and tear might be expected for vintage designer bags, unsightly marks and scuffs can severely mar the overall aesthetics and satisfaction of carrying a bag you’ve spent thousands of dollars to purchase.

The topic of keeping designer bags in the best condition possible becomes even more pertinent for those who are hoping to sell or resell their bags to a secondhand owner sometime in the future. Popular bag models such as the Hermès Birkin and Kelly are among the top-ranking pieces in terms of luxury investment in Singapore. Therefore, maintaining the condition of such pre-owned Hermès bag is all the more important to keep their resale value from being negatively impacted by permanent albeit accidental damage like stains and scratches.

Our LUX.R Singapore team has put together a list of five common things you’ll want to keep your branded bags away from.

1. Water

Water is one of the most unassuming liquids with high potential of coming into contact with your luxury leather bag. Not only can water cause the surface of your bag to swell, but it may also saturate the natural oils in the leather to leave behind a wrinkled, off-colour blotch upon evaporation. If you own a Hermès Birkin, Kelly or Bolide, the rain cover that comes with your designer bag will be your best friend during Singapore’s rainy seasons.

It’s not just mother nature you should protect your bag from. Accidentally knocking a glass of water or wine onto your bag while dining at a restaurant could also spell big trouble. Keep your luxury bag out of harm’s way on a seat beside you, or at least cover it with a table napkin if you’re dining in a tight space. Taking such precautions will ensure your branded bag stays in top condition for yourself or to resell.

2. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers are frequently made with either a water or alcohol-based component. The negative effects of water on leather have already been discussed, but alcohol will do your designer bags no favours either. As a solvent, alcohol strips the natural oils and pigments out of leather, drying it out and causing colour loss. Therefore, always ensure your hands are dry before touching your bag. Also refrain from using cleaning wipes such as those with high concentrations of isopropyl alcohol during attempts to get rid of stains as you might end up making the situation worse.

3. Cosmetic Products

Makeup might be a girl’s trusted friend but the thought of an accidentally uncapped tube of lipstick rolling freely around your designer bag certainly does not spark any joy. Items like lipstick, hand cream or sunblock commonly carried around daily are best kept inside a waterproof pouch. This will reduce the chances of unwanted leaks and stains on the inside of your bag. When it comes to reselling branded bags, it is important to keep both the inside and outside of the bag in the best condition possible in order to fetch the most attractive resale price.

4. Denim

Those who prefer to carry luxury bags in a lighter shade might have to rethink their outfits when wearing denim. Denim is known for its propensity to stain, and the possibility of bluish stains transferring onto your coveted designer bag is a costly problem in the making. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A moment’s carelessness can cause years of lingering regret. It won’t be easy (if possible at all) to reverse the damage once the blue dye penetrates the leather.

5. Pens

If you’ve decided to use a designer bag as your daily work bag to get more wear out of it, you might find yourself having to carry around a schedule book or work diary. Safe to say, you’ll need something to write with and that’s when a pen might find its way into your branded bag. There’s nothing quite like the moment you realise that your Hermès bag costing thousands has been blemished with unsightly ink stains from a dollar-store pen. If you absolutely need to bring a pen along with you, opt for one with a tight cover instead of a retractable nib. Fountain pens are simply too risky!

If you’re looking to sell your pre-owned Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag to a secondhand owner in Singapore, a trusted consignment agency like LUX.R can help. Click here to find out about our consignment rates. Alternatively, browse our Carousell store for your next designer purchase. 

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