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Shop for Pre-loved Hermès Kellys & other Luxury Bags on LUX.R

Named in honour of American actress and once-Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, the Hermès Kelly bag radiates elegance and exclusivity in more ways than one. Commitment to craft and impeccable execution are ideals that contribute to Hermès’ enduring allure and popularity. Creating this luxurious trapezoid bag requires an intense level of skill and dedication. Each Kelly bag is hand-stitched and brought to life by a single craftsperson and takes around 18-24 hours to complete.  

The Search for Secondhand and Pre-owned Kelly Bags

As an overwhelming demand for Birkin and Kelly bags has compelled Hermès to remove these iconic products from their boutiques, many consumers on the hunt for their dream Hermès bag have turned to secondhand and pre-owned luxury platforms like LUX.R to help them in their search. Birkins and Kellys are not something customers can just point out and bring home upon walking into an Hermès outlet. Rumours have long circulated about a lengthy, perhaps even non-existent, waiting list and the need to build up an extensive purchase history with the brand for just the slightest possibility of even viewing a Birkin or Kelly bag in store.

Tapping on our extensive industry connections and multi-level channel audience of luxury good-devotees, LUX.R has on offer a curated range of pre-loved and pre-owned bags and other luxury goods from brands such as Hermès and Chanel. Chief among the most coveted bags we have for sale are the Hermès Birkin and Kelly.

View Pre-loved Hermès Products at Our Store

Browse our pre-owned products available for purchase by visiting our online store on Carousell. Alternatively, get in touch with LUX.R via WhatsApp at +65 8028 3911 to make an appointment to view your desired pre-loved Hermès Kelly bag (or another item) in person at our store. For more information on the buying process, feel free to visit our FAQ page or message us through WhatsApp with your queries.

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