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Second Hand Chanel Bags

Highly sought-after by fashionistas all over the world, Chanel bags are on the wish list of many. Even after being in the luxury market for more than a century, the craze for Chanel bags remains to this day. However, the demand for these iconic statement pieces is always higher than their supply. Owing to their popularity and rarity, many Chanel lovers have their hopes set on the second-hand market to get their hands on some of the most exclusive creations from the French luxury fashion house. 

Why Are Second Hand Chanel Bags So Popular?

Second hand Chanel bags are highly sought-after all year round, not only in Singapore, but globally. Not everyone can be lucky enough to find their desired piece in-store the moment they are released. However, getting a pre-loved Chanel bag for a good deal is always a possibility. Chanel bags are simply iconic, and owning one feels like owning a small piece of the fashion house’s legacy. Besides, Chanel is one of the top designer brands of bags famous for holding exceptionally high second hand value. You could also get lucky to snap up recently launched pre-loved Chanel bags at a fraction of the price. 

Find Second Hand Chanel Bags at LUX.R 

Ready to invest in a luxury bag from high-end brands like Hermès and Chanel? At LUX.R, we present you with a curated range of second hand bags available for sale on our Carousell page. If you have been waiting to get your hands on luxurious Chanel bags or a Hermès Birkin, you can buy a once-used bag at competitive rates from our authentic collection. 

With the help of our extensive industry connections, we manage to include the best of premium pre-loved items from high-end brands in our online catalogue. Browse through the complete collection of Chanel bags listed on the LUX.R Carousell page and make an offer for the item you would like to reserve. Once you have made an offer, you can book an appointment and visit our physical store in Singapore to have an up close and personal look at the second hand Chanel bag you have your eyes on. Also, we will only hold your offer for up to 48 hours from the time your order is placed, after which the item will be released for new offers. 

While shopping for a second hand Chanel bag in Singapore, your only concern should be to dodge the fake ones that are prevailing largely in the second hand luxury market. LUX.R in Singapore is your trusted reseller for second hand Chanel bags, as our expert appraisers only accept authenticated items before adding them to the LUX.R collection.

Contact LUX.R for a Personal Appointment

Ready to add a luxury Chanel bag to your collection? Shop online at LUX.R or visit our physical store by booking an appointment at least 24 hours in advance of your visit, as all our products are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, and we don’t want you to face any disappointments.

Thinking of reselling your second hand Chanel Bag? At LUX.R, the trusted Chanel reseller in Singapore, you can sell your pre-loved Chanel bags through a hassle-free process. Either visit us for a 1-to-1 appointment, or we will send an appraiser for a home visit to analyse your luxury bag.
Book an appointment today by sending us a WhatsApp message at +65 8028 3911. For more information about buying and selling with LUX.R, you can refer to our FAQ page.

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